*Spoiler* Dexter Lumis and Carmelo Hayes did not put on a show

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*Spoiler* Dexter Lumis and Carmelo Hayes did not put on a show
*Spoiler* Dexter Lumis and Carmelo Hayes did not put on a show (Provided by Wrestling World)

So here we are at the last match of the evening. SINGLE MATCH: Xyon Quinn vs Santos Escobar; We are witnessing a decidedly physical match with Quinn who, despite the interference of the Legado Del Fantasma, seems to be in full control.

Santos is literally thrown across the ring under the eyes of Elektra Lopez's interest. Quinn gets close to the pin several times. The two do not spare themselves until they both end up exhausted. Elektra then takes the opportunity to place a brass knuckle on Xyon's hand, who incredulously even thinks of using it before being seen by the referee who orders him to release the weapon.

Tonight's episode saw another such occurrence, following quite a long match between Dexter Lumis and Carmelo Hayes. The two were solid in the ring before Trick Williams punched Lumis to give him the DQ win. This felt like a waste of time and hopefully, this feud gets better in the coming weeks.

Dexter Lumis faced Carmelo Hayes

Dexter Lumis had the early advantage and sent Carmelo Hayes into the ring post before ripping off the bandages from his ribs. Lumis went outside to scare Trick as Melo snuck up on him but Dexter was too quick.

Back in the ring, Melo hit a forearm off the ropes for a near fall. Hayes attacked Lumis' injured arm and tried to rip his gloves off. Xyon then throws it at Wild who then nudges it with an elbow. Escobar then takes advantage of his opponent's moment of distraction to hit him with a tremendous knee followed by The Phantom Driver.

Result: Santos Escobar's pinfall victory. Now is the moment that we have all been waiting for and the only and true focal point of the episode. After a month, WWE finally found their finalists for the tournament, which took place on this week’s episode of WWE NXT.

Carmelo Hayes locked horns with Odyssey Jones in the final, and Hayes came out victorious to win the 2021 NXT Breakout tournament. Hayes and Odyssey Jones exhibited a stellar performance in front of the audience gathered in the WWE Performance Center.

Both superstars had their share of momentum during the match. Jones kept on attacking with his speed, whereas Hayes showed his athleticism and exhibited some brilliant moves to stun the crowd and Jones. Jones, who nearly thought he won the match with a splash, suffered a shock loss after Hayes rolled him up as he pinned him for the victory.

Dexter Lumis Carmelo Hayes