NXT ratings are improving

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NXT ratings are improving

In recent years, many WWE retired athletes have reappeared in the Stamford-based company rings, some for the last match, some to get back on the road seriously, albeit with a very short schedule compared to younger colleagues and those instead he returned only with the role of manager or character to support the young recruits, so as to be sent over with the public of the federation.

One of the latest examples is the one seen in the NXT rings in recent months, with WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase, legendary athlete and manager of the then WWF, who returned alongside LA Knight and Cameron Grimes in that of NXT, before the third show of the McMahon-owned company was changed dramatically, from head to toe.

Apparently, WWE had initially banned its now sixty-seven-year-old Hall of Famer from taking any kind of bump on its rings, with the now former athlete insisting on punching and slapping proper, just like he did. young man in the ring of the company, so as to make everything more realistic.

Latest update on NXT

The ratings are in for WWE's Tuesday Night program, NXT 2.0, and there is a slight improvement from last week's near-disasterous numbers. In his last speech on the podcast of the well-known site Fightful, or the Fightful Select, the same Hall of Famer of McMahon, father of another former athlete of the Stamford company, wanted to tell the following words then reported by the reporters of the site: "The company chose the corner and spot for Ted DiBiase and told him that there would have to be bodyguards to catch DiBiase when he fell, so the blow would be cushioned and less hard, even on their consciences.

Be that as it may, DiBiase insisted on taking the bump and said he strongly wanted to take the bump just as he did as a young man in the ring, during his days as a wrestler, to get through the LA Knight, in the best possible way."

For those who have forgotten the angle we are talking about, or the attack by LA Knight on Ted DiBiase Sr on the NXT rings, we report below the video in which the attack takes place a few months ago. While NXT 2.0 went down in the overall ratings, WWE would be happy to know that NXT 2.0 did improve in the much sought after 18-49 demo.

"The show drew 561,000 live viewers, which is down from the 590,000 viewers the show previously drew a week ago... It did a 0.13 rating for the 18-49 demographic. The show did a 0.11 rating one week ago which tied the lowest key demo rating the show has done on the USA Network since moving to the station in 2019."