NXT: Raquel Gonzalez faced Dakota Kai

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NXT: Raquel Gonzalez faced Dakota Kai

Hello everyone and welcome back to the usual NXT 2.0 appointment. The evening definitely starts in fourth place with a match that sees two former friends in action looking for mutual revenge. STREET FIGHT MATCH: Raquel Gonzalez vs Dakota Kai; We see the two athletes face off backstage with Kai being thrown against a claire on a trolley.

The battle then moves, albeit slowly, to the ring even if briefly. In fact, the two move to the area near the comment table where Kai scores a footstomp avalanche on poor Raquel imprisoned in a trash can and then groped the pin.

Raquel Gonzalez vs. Dakota Kai

Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai were caught in a brawl backstage before their Street Fight was about to start. Kai used steel bars from the show set to beat Gonzalez while Raquel sent Dakota into a garage door head first.

The duo used steel frames, trash cans, and whatever they could find backstage to beat each other on the concrete before a group of officials came in to tell them to take it to the ring. Gonzalez is not there and reacts practically immediately, scoring some powerbombs, one of which is on the steel steps and one on the center of the ring on a trash can.

The referee can only count to 3. Result: Raquel Gonzalez's pinfall wins another point in this now endless feud. The change in style and mentality has not yet helped Dakota Kai to achieve better and noteworthy results. Raquel Gonzalez rode her bike to the event and made a grand entrance at Halloween Havoc.

She spun the wheel, which landed on Chucky’s choice, resulting in a street fight. Raquel got the match started by tossing Mandy Rose outside the ring. Subsequently, Mandy Rose snatched up the kendo stick and unleashed a vicious attack.

She exhibited her agility by hitting Raquel with constant strikes. Following a strong start, Mandy made her intentions clear of becoming the champ. The NXT Women’s Championship match took a dramatic turn when a mysterious person stabbed Raquel with a shovel.

Immediately, Mandy took the opportunity to give a final shot to end the match. Mandy Rose blew Raquel Gonzalez with her knee and pinned her for the title victory. After the match, the mysterious person was revealed to be no other than Dakota Kai, indicating that the past rivalry between Dakota and Raquel is still on. Will Raquel challenge Mandy for the NXT Women’s Title? Or will she settle things with Gonzalez first?