NXT: The Creed Brothers are on the launch pad

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NXT: The Creed Brothers are on the launch pad

Let's now move on to the next match that sees the continuation of a rivalry that unfortunately has lost a very important piece and that we do not know if it will be added again or not. SINGLE MATCH: Dexter Lumis vs Trick Williams; We are witnessing an excellent performance by Williams who, also thanks to his athleticism, manages to greatly worry Lumis who is therefore forced to put his cunning on the field by imprisoning his opponent with the ring cloth and then hitting him with a superkick.

At ringside in the meantime, a fight begins between the NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes and the NXT Cruiserweight Champion Roderick Strong which then continues in the crowd. The contest then continues with Williams who after a body slam gets a 2 count.

The Creed Brothers were in control on NXT 2.0 early on and one of them dropped the other on top of Gibson before Drake helped him get a counter. Gibson took a big German Suplex before Drake tagged in and was isolated in the Creed's corner as NXT 2.0 went on.

The Creed Brothers were in control on NXT

Drake wiped one of the Creed Brothers out with a dive to the outside before both teams tried to put the other through the Jacket Time table. A brawl broke out and the match was called off as GYV, Diamond Mine, Jacket Time and Briggs & Jensen went at each other.

Dexter, however, is not there and decides to bring the contest back in control of him and after a good running bulldog, he also scores a backdrop and an elevated leg drop. Williams realizes that he has to try to do something more and then tries to hit Lumis with a shoe but is intercepted by the latter and imprisoned in The Silence.

Result: victory by submission of Dexter Lumis who takes another step towards the long road that, barring various complications, could bring him close to the NXT North American Championship. Now it is the turn of an athlete who has made a lot of talk about himself, especially for the alliance with Kyle O’Reilly which ended in a not exactly idyllic way.

The first match of the night saw Toxic Attraction take on Io Shirai, Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter. The WWE NXT Women’s Champion and Carter started off proceedings for their respective teams. The match started off slowly but gained pace and momentum as time passed.