NXT: AJ Styles debuted on NXT

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NXT: AJ Styles debuted on NXT

Now it's up to the female face of NXT again. SINGLE MATCH: Elektra Lopez vs Io Shirai; We are offered a pleasant match with Elektra which shows off her excessive physical power as opposed to Shirai’s high athleticism.

In fact, we see the Japanese hit in rapid sequence a dropkick from the top of the post followed by a running knee smash followed by only a count of 2. The focus of the match however shifts to ringside with the arrival of Xyon Quinn who He easily knocks out Mendoza and Wilde and then draws Elektra's attention with a bunch of mistletoe (we all know what happens under the mistletoe at Christmas, right?).

Grayson Waller came out on WWE NXT after Dexter Lumis finished off Trick Williams. Waller attacked Lumis with a steel chair, much like he did to Johnny Gargano a couple of weeks ago. AJ Styles walked out to the ring. Waller took credit for bringing AJ to NXT 2.0.

Styles said he was impressed with several superstars in NXT 2.0. However, he was not too happy with Waller.

AJ Styles arrives on NXT

Waller said AJ Styles was in his ring on NXT 2.0 and taunted AJ Styles before AJ asked Grayson to try and attack him.

AJ was getting ready for a fight but Waller left the ring, saying that he'll let Omos get to Styles first. Before anything can happen between the two, Xyon is attacked by Santos Escobar but does not end well as he is thrown violently against the steps.

Shirai takes advantage of her opponent's moment of distraction by knocking her down first with an elbow and then hitting with a splendid moonsault. Result: Io Shirai's pinfall. In his long wrestling career, AJ Styles has had many memorable matches.

We, though, decided to check out the top five of his highest-rated fights in WWE. The ratings are by Dave Meltzer’s star rating, who is a globally respected wrestling journalist. He rates the matches on a 5-star scale. So let’s find out the top five rated matches of AJ Styles’s career.

Daniel Bryan was defending his WWE Championship title inside the elimination chamber. He was locked with five other superstars inside the chamber. The other wrestlers were Styles, Kofi Kingston, Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, and Daniel Bryan.

Rollins and Styles were facing each other for the first time in a one-on-one match. This match was recorded as a blockbuster. Rollins was defending his Universal Championship title. Both superstars gave it their all, and neither man gave up till their last breath and left fans amazed.