NXT: Pete Dunne reaffirmed his supremacy

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NXT: Pete Dunne reaffirmed his supremacy

MAIN EVENT-SINGLE MATCH: Pete Dunne vs Tony D'Angelo; We are offered a good, decidedly physical match with D'Angelo who tries to exploit the difference in size compared to his opponent. Dunne, however, does not stand by and scores with an Enziguri kick, however, getting only a 2 count.

The battle continues with Tony who tries to hit poor Dunne with an object but is intercepted and imprisoned in an armbar from which he frees himself by removing the mouthguard to his opponent. Tony then throws Dunne against the stake and then tries to knock it down with his swinning neckbreaker which however fails as Dunne prevents the correct execution of the maneuver and then "breaks" his opponent's fingers.

Pete then manages to score the Bitter End and take home the victory. Result: Pete Dunne's pinfall victory.

Tony D’Angelo and Pete Dunne finally competed

After weeks of build-up, Tony D’Angelo and Pete Dunne finally competed in the main event of WWE NXT.

D’Angelo took the upper hand early and delivered a big suplex that nearly injured Dunne’s neck. Post-match D'Angelo attacks poor Dunne from behind and also manages to knock him down with his swinning neckbreaker at ringside.

Not happy Tony violently hits poor Dunne's hand with a crowbar. Before leaving you, I remind you of tonight's appointment at 7 pm on Open Wrestling TV with Black and Gold Vibes, where we will analyze in more detail the latest episode of our favorite brand.

D’Angelo pulled out a crowbar, but Dunne locked him into an armbar. The rookie broke free and pulled out Dunne’s mouthguard. He went for his finisher, but The Bruiserweight snapped his fingers and hit the Bitter End to pick up the victory.

The first match of the night saw Toxic Attraction take on Io Shirai, Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter. The WWE NXT Women’s Champion and Carter started off proceedings for their respective teams. The match started off slowly but gained pace and momentum as time passed.

Kay Lee Ray took on Sarray in the next match of tonight’s episode of WWE NXT 2.0. Sarray dominated in the early stages of the matches. But the tables turned when Kay Lee Ray send Sarray crushing to the floor outside the ring after hitting her with a knee to the jaw.

The NXT North American Champion gave Dunne a really tough fight. The superstars matched each other with their moves. It was a really entertaining match. But Trick Williams tried to interfere by using his shoe to knock out Pete Dunne.