Johhny Gargano talks about his storyline with Tommaso Ciampa

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Johhny Gargano talks about his storyline with Tommaso Ciampa

Johnny Gargano is currently one of the most famous superstars on the NXT roster. During a recent interview, Gargano talked about his storyline with Tommaso Ciampa and other topics. "I made one very big mistake, and unfortunately, I'm reminded of that mistake every single time I see him with that title.

I love NXT, and I'm well aware that this is my fault. My worst enemy is living my dream. I made a promise that I'm going to do whatever it takes to right that wrong and I will. That's how I cope with it. No whining, crying and complaining," explained Johnny.

Crowd chanted 'Johhny failure': "Did you watch the Velveteen Dream match? I think everyone saw how it affected me, but I know that's not who I am inside that ring. I have a very open and honest relationship with the NXTUniverse.

Did it hurt being called a failure? Of course. Honestly? After everything we've been through, I thought they'd always have my back, and when they didn't, it sucked. But were they wrong? No. I did the last thing I ever wanted to do and that was let them down.

I failed. But they need to realize that I'm human just like them. We all fail at something at some point in our lives, but you must do what you can to keep moving forward and learn from that failure. We're all in this thing together."