NXT: AJ Styles rocked the situation

AJ Styles is one of the biggest superstars in WWE right now

by Simone Brugnoli
NXT: AJ Styles rocked the situation

The first match of the evening sees busy the one who lately has been talking a lot so as to attract the attention of AJ Styles. SINGLES MATCH: Grayson Waller vs Odyssey Jones; We are witnessing a good match with both athletes who have no intention of giving up.

Waller even manages to hit the mark almost immediately with his elbow drop. Jones then tries the reaction and manages to score with a devastating powerbomb during which Waller ends up tearing the cover of the stake.

AJ Styles' still the protagonist

After the pin is interrupted on the count of 2, Jones launches an avalanche against Waller who promptly dodges him, exiting the ring, causing him to crash into the open post.

Waller then tries his hand at a leap inside the ring complete with a somersault ended with a stunner. He talked up his appearance on Monday Night RAW and claimed AJ Styles just wanted to benefit from his star power. Soon after, Odyssey Jones walked out to face him on NXT.

Jones showcased his strength and threw Waller around with ease. The loudmouth mounted a comeback and used his heelish tactics to stay in the game. He exposed the turnbuckle and sent Jones hard into it. AJ Styles asked Grayson Waller to enter the ring after the NXT superstar interrupted him in his speech.

Waller mentioned since Styles showed up at NXT, he decided to show up on Monday Night Raw to show The Grayson Waller Effect. Further, Waller revealed when Omos is done with Styles, he will take Styles’ spot. In reply, AJ took a dig at Waller by calling him ‘not a star’.

He said, “You like it here? Of course, you like it here. This is where stars are made. And you are not a star. You are not even close”. Their title reign lasted for 133 days until SummerSlam 2021. At ‘The Biggest Party of the Summer’, they lost the titles to RK-Bro (Randy Orton and Matt Riddle).

Also, they were unsuccessful in regaining their belts at Crown Jewel. After last week’s incident, it’s clear that they aren’t a team anymore. Following a tag team split, the big question is- who will emerge as the winner.

What do you think? Will it be AJ Styles? Or will it be Omos? “He’s definitely a talent you need to watch in the future. He’s gonna be a huge star,” said Styles about Matt Riddle. The former NXT Tag Team Champion is one of WWE’s h*ttest prospects.

He signed for NXT in 2018 and make a tremendous splash in his rookie year. He has put on classics against the likes of Velveteen Dream, Adam Cole, Finn Balor and Timothy Thatcher.

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