NXT: Solo Sikoa defeated Santos Escobar

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NXT: Solo Sikoa defeated Santos Escobar

SINGLES MATCH: Solo Sikoa vs Santos Escobar; We are witnessing an excellent match also thanks to the technical skills of the two athletes. Santos really tries them all by exploiting his companions as well as members of the Legado of the Phantom on several occasions, even managing to badly throw Solo against the stake.

Not happy, Santos scores with a hurricanerana from the top of the stake.

Solo Sikoa def. Santos Escobar

Xyon Quinn appeared on WWE NXT and told Elektra Lopez to choose between him or Legado del Fantasma. Santos Escobar, Raul Mendoza, and Joaquin Wilde tried to question the former about the challenge, but Solo Sikoa interrupted.

It led to a match between him and Escobar later in the show. Sikoa dominated the former NXT Cruiserweight Champion early. Mendoza and Wilde provided some distractions to allow their leader to get back in the game. Escobar is in full control of the contest when what can now be defined as his nemesis, Xyaon Queen, appears at ringside.

Santos throws himself against him hitting him several times before re-entering the ring and getting a loud superkick followed by the splash. RESULT: Solo Sikoa pinfall victory. He knew how to break the union and powerbombed both of them off the ropes.

Next, he continued his domination with a series of splashes and powerbombs. Finally, Solo Sikoa used the Samoan Family special, the Samoan Drop, on LA Knight. On the other hand, he drop-kicked Grayson Waller. Sikoa ended the fight with a splash to Knight.

It is a good time to note that The Uso Splash is a huge thing between Jey and Jimmy Uso, who are Sikao’s older siblings. The first match of the night saw Toxic Attraction take on Io Shirai, Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter.

The WWE NXT Women’s Champion and Carter started off proceedings for their respective teams. The match started off slowly but gained pace and momentum as time passed. Towards the end, while Carter climbed the top rope to hit a splash, Jacy Jayne distracted her.

Even though Shirai and Catanzaro took out Rose and Jayne, Gigi Dolin took advantage of the distraction. Dolin knocked Carter off the top rope and hit her finisher to pick up the win for Toxic Attraction. The Creed Brothers took on the newly formed duo of Kushida and Ikemen Jiro. Irrespective of a brave effort from Jacket Time, the Creed Brothers picked up a dominating victory.