NXT: Raquel Gonzalez is ready for the main roster

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NXT: Raquel Gonzalez is ready for the main roster

MAIN EVENT-Tag match: Raquel Gonzalez & Cora Jade vs Shirai & Ray; we are offered an excellent match that sees 4 athletes of the highest level fight in an excellent way. We witness a flight of Ray landing on Gonzalez immediately followed by Io Shirai who gets the same result.

The Japanese and the former NXT UK appear in perfect harmony, so much so that they come close to winning enough to force Gonzalez to save Jade from Shirai’s moonsault. Raquel is again knocked down by a flight between the ropes of Kay while Io Shirai comes one step away from victory after a dropkick from the third rope.

The dispute continues with Raquel who goes back to being the legal woman, overturning the situation in favor of her team so much so as to get to score the single-arm powerbomb. Cora Jade then decides to take the gear and then groped the pin, which she is unable to do as Raquel prevents her from doing so.

The two then start a diatribe about who should pin with Raquel who claims to have to be her as she did practically everything during the match.

Raquel Gonzalez shone again

Cora Jade and Raquel Gonzalez were set to team up against Toxic Attraction on WWE NXT.

Io Shirai and Kay Lee Ray confronted them, both wanting the next title shot. Mandy Rose decided to have some fun and changed the match for the night. She pitted the four women against each other in a tag team match. The winners of the match would challenge her at NXT New Year's Evil.

Kay Lee Ray tries to take advantage of this by having Cora end up against Raquel, with the latter going out of the ring, before attempting the pin. Raquel with a feline leap goes back to the ring again and causing Ray to lose balance with Cora who immediately takes advantage of the situation by reversing her roll-up in favor of her.

RESULT: Cora Jade and Raquel Gonzalez pinned win. Raquel got the match started by tossing Mandy Rose outside the ring. Subsequently, Mandy Rose snatched up the kendo stick and unleashed a vicious attack. She exhibited her agility by hitting Raquel with constant strikes. Following a strong start, Mandy made her intentions clear of becoming the champ.