A new title will debut on NXT

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A new title will debut on NXT

The WWE currently has several problems to look after, from the airing of Day One, the next PPV that aired on Saturday, from Atlanta, to the next special episode of NXT, called New Year's Evil. If on the main roster the management has several problems in being able to pull the strings of its storylines, between positives and unavailable personnel, at NXT, on the other hand, the situation is much calmer, with the athletes of the WWE color roster who could take part also on the PPV of the main roster, having to go to replace other colleagues who became positive in the meantime.

One of the most anticipated matches of the next special episode of NXT is the titled match valid for the unification of two titles, the cruiserweight title of the company and the North American Championship title, respectively held by Carmelo Hayes and Roderick Strong.

NXT will insert a new belt

In the last few hours, WWE has released a statement in reference to the unification match of the secondary titles of NXT, with the management that has hinted at the birth of a new belt that will replace both the current ones, with a reference title that it will be called: NXT North American Cruiserweight Title.

The WWE announcement was as follows: "Who will be the first NXT champion, North American Champion Carmelo Hayes or Cruiserweight Champion Roderick Strong? Every Superstar claims his title is NXT's best title and it's time for these superstars to give away what they say.

their mouths, staging a title-by-title match in New Year's Evil. After cashing in on his NXT Breakout Tournament contract to change the North American title, Hayes began a mission to elevate his title to NXT's 'Championship'

Meanwhile, Strong went on the hunt for the 'Big Money Fights' by suspending the cruiserweight title stipulations to take all the stakes, including Odyssey Jones and Joe Gacy. With both Superstars declaring their superiority to NXT 2.0, it's only a matter of time before their paths cross in the ring.

Who will come out of New Year's Evil as the new NXT North American Cruiserweight Champion? Find out on January 4th on USA Network!" Jones started off strong and Waller took a big sidewalk slam early on before he headed for a break on NXT 2.0.

Back to the match, Waller got a near fall off an elbow drop but Jones was able to toss him off. Grayson took a modified powerbomb in the ring before sending Jones into one of the turnbuckles that was missing the padding. Jones was in trouble and Waller hit the stunner before picking up the quick win.