Jessamyn Duke to Fight Mia Yim?

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Jessamyn Duke to Fight Mia Yim?

Jessamyn Duke is one of the four horsewomen of MMA. She is an NXT superstar and is very popular there. She recently got furious at Mia Yim when Yim made jokes about NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler. Yim called Baszler, Sharon Corbin when she talked about her match with her on social media.

The match will take place on Wednesday and will be a non-title bout. Duke wrote on Twitter, “It's bad enough that Mia Yim digs up an old joke that wasn't even funny to begin with, but it shows what a massively insecure person she is attack someone's looks.

I'm going to enjoy watching Shayna Baszler break your teeth next week. You deserve it." This started a Twitter war between these two superstars as Yim wrote back to her by saying, “Me, insecure? Nah, fam. You the one insecure about your arm drags and body slams.

Get the hell outta here, thing 2." Of course, Duke wasn’t happy with Yim calling her a fam. She spoke to fans after that and stated that it would be delighting to watch Baszler beat up Yim very badly. Yim also commented on Duke’s MMA kicks in an attempt to get the better of her.

Yim wrote, “Your kicks couldn't hold you in MMA and your kicks won't hold you in wrestling. Maybe you should actually pay attention in training."