Backstage News On Triple H’s Reaction to NXT Releases

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Backstage News On Triple H’s Reaction to NXT Releases

Wade Keller from PWTorch Podcast recently spoke about the recent NXT Releases. Triple H was until a few months ago the leader of NXT. Almost all storylines and matches were created by him and executed by his staff. That is the reason why many people who liked NXT watched it because they thought it is a better product than NXT.

Since Triple H is no longer leading NXT, NXT became NXT 2.0 and is now under Vince McMahon. Many people predict that NXT will no longer be a good product as Vince McMahon will ruin the brand.

Wade Keller Talks About The Reaction that Triple H Had After Releases

According to Wade, Triple H was actually building his team and almost all team member and roster staff were part of his team-building effort.

He also stated that Triple H wished to bring his team to the main roster at the right time. “I’ve talked with people who had said Triple H was building his team that he would bring with him to the main roster,” Keller said.

“And if his day came to run the main roster he wanted his group of people. At some point, it was thought that it would include William Regal and Gabe Sapolsky and Road Dogg and they’re gone”. Wade then spoke about what Triple H’s reaction was.

Of course, this is not official as Triple H’s actual reaction would never be made official. Many former WWE stars and even journalists do not really understand why WWE is just releasing their best superstars. Some of the superstars that were released actually included some big names.

In fact, many people believe that Vince McMahon might sell the WWE and he is just releasing superstars to make WWE’s bottom line look impressive. “NXT just isn’t what it once was,” Keller said. “I’ve heard just a little about Triple H’s reaction to all of this and nothing super reportable other than it sounds like he’s bummed out”.

The reason why some people preferred NXT over WWE was that it was being led by Triple H. Wrestlers could have fun, and promos were not overly scripted like they are on the main roster. That gave NXT wrestlers the freedom that they would not get if they worked on the main roster.

Triple H has to leave leading NXT after he suffered a major health scare. He has to undergo an emergency heart procedure.