NXT: Carmelo Hayes defeated Roderick Strong

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NXT: Carmelo Hayes defeated Roderick Strong

Hello everyone and welcome to the usual NXT appointment. The first match of the evening will see a piece of history of the now-former black and gold brand marked. TITLES UNIFICATION MATCH: Carmelo Hayes vs Roderick Strong; we are witnessing a match as pleasant as it is with both athletes intent on studying each other and not leaving room for their opponent.

We see Strong groped his usual series of elbows in the race which is however promptly rejected by Hayes who in response throws him against the stake. Now let's see the NXT North America Champion climb the pole and engage in a leg drop landing on Strong's neck and then perform what appears to be the final pin.

Result: Carmelo Hayes pinned to victory, confirming himself as NXT North American Champion.

Carmelo Hayes def. Roderick Strong

Carmelo Hayes seemed overconfident as he came out for the title unification match at WWE NXT New Year's Evil.

The North American Champion wore a t-shirt that mocked Roderick Strong and stepped over it on his way to the ring. This is the last time we will see the NXT Cruiserweight Championship as it is in fact merged with Hayes’s lifetime title, Let's continue now with a team match that sees a great return in that of NXT.

After a short commercial break in the arena, the entrance music of AJ Styles resounds, greeted with a loud voice by the audience. Styles decides to challenge him but obviously, Grayson refuses, arguing that instead, the two will face off next week in the main event and that that will be the biggest victory of his career.

The P1 counters by saying that instead, that will be the most embarrassing moment. A fight then begins between the two which is dominated by Styles who even comes one step away from scoring his Phenomenal Forearm before Waller decides to run away and leave the ring.

The two men battled to the top rope, where Carmelo hit an X-Plex for another near fall. He finished the Cruiserweight Champion with a leg drop to become the unified champion. It was expected that NXT would choose the newcomer over the veteran in the clash.

However, Hayes proved himself and worked hard for the win. It was a good match that helped put Melo on the map.