NXT: Raquel Gonzalez showcased her strength

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NXT: Raquel Gonzalez showcased her strength

6 MAN TAG MATCH: Riddle & MSK vs Imperium; We see Riddle do literally what he wants in the ring and after scoring a t-bon suplex on Walter, he tries to score a double silver spoon DDT as well. Walter however prevents him with a sleeperhold which is then transformed into a German suplex from which however Riddle lands on his feet responding with a sonorous knee.

The MSK decide to go in and take down Aichner and Barthel with a superkick. All 3 finally decide to try their hand at a flight out of the ring landing on the members of the Imperium. With difficulty, the team that dominated NXT UK manages to overturn the situation coming one step away from victory by concentrating all their attention on poor Riddle.

However, Orton's teammate manages to avoid the pin and bring the reins of the match back into the hands of his team and after performing a German suplex on Walter, he decides to give way to the MSK who focus their attention on Aichner by knocking him down with a blockbuster.

Riddle not happy takes back the change and after an aerial maneuver always performed on the poor athlete of Swiss origins, he scores a devastating RKO against Barthel thus putting an end to the match. Mandy Rose made a grand entry for her title defense at WWE NXT New Year’s Evil.

She arrived in a helicopter while Cora Jade rode down on her skateboard and Raquel Gonzalez came out on her motorcycle. Raquel Gonzalez showcased her strength early on before all three women took the battle outside the ring.

Rose sent Jade hard into the steel steps and took control of the contest. Result: Riddle & MSK pinfall victory.

Raquel Gonzalez showcased her strength

Now it is the turn of the all-female match that sees the highest laurel at stake.

NXT WOMEN'S TITLE MATCH: Mandy Rose vs Raquel Gonzalez vs Cora Jade; Useless as a king who, thanks to her physicality, Gonzalez easily manages to dictate the law even if Jade manages to stand up to her by throwing her heart over the obstacle.

On the subject of throwing we see Jade literally being thrown out of the ring over the third string by Raquel who then focuses on her Rose by knocking her down with the single-arm powerbomb. It all seems over when Jade swoops over the two, thus interrupting the pin.

Raquel obviously does not appreciate what Cora has done and tries to make him pay but ends up being thrown out of the ring by Cora. Jade then tries to pin Mandy but she manages to reverse the situation and perform the pin that gives her victory. Result: Mandy Rose's pinfall wins, confirming herself as NXT Women's Champion.