NXT: Boa continued his new gimmick

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NXT: Boa continued his new gimmick
NXT: Boa continued his new gimmick

The next match of the evening features one of NXT's most beloved faces who is able to bring everyone To the Mooooooooon. SINGLES MATCH: Cameron Grimes vs Damon Kemp; We are witnessing a purely technical match with Kemp trying to move the battle to the ground with various takedowns.

The contest attracts the attention of Michael Bivens who reveals himself on the stage. Boa continued his new gimmick on WWE NXT 2.0 as he took on Solo Sikoa in a match. Boa has gone through a few character changes in WWE. But this is arguably the best gimmick that has been handed to him.

His supernatural powers will likely come into effect once the two men compete again.

Boa continued his new gimmick

NXT could award Sikoa his first loss against Boa to avoid getting into any unnecessary winning streaks. It will be an excellent way to take the rivalry forward.

The two seem not to be particularly affected by the presence of Bivens, pursuing their match without too many problems. Cameron decides to press the accelerator and after a series of hits with the forearm and a diving crossbody, she scores the Caveman.

Result: Cameron Grimes pinfall victory. For those who don’t know, Xia Li is the first Chinese woman to perform in a WWE ring. But despite her initial push, Li was slowly fading into the background. It all changed with the introduction of ‘Tian Sha’.

Since last year, we have seen her torturing Li and Boa until they were ‘ready.’ We have previously seen them training together. Although NXT had brief elements of Supernatural characters, Tian Sha is the first full-fledged one.

Thankfully, WWE is making sure global talent like Xia Li and Boa are not forgotten. Inside the Ropes reported that WWE has filed trademarks for five names. The names are Nash Carter, Wes Lee, Tian Sha, Shi Hun, and Shi Zui. Nash Carter and Wes Lee are already members of the Tag Team, MSK, and we understood the reason behind the other trademarks on tonight’s episode.

Apart from the announcement of NXT TakeOver: WarGames, there were also some great wrestling matches to look forward to during tonight’s episode of WWE NXT 2.0. Let’s look at all the matches and results from tonight’s episode of WWE NXT 2.0.

Kay Lee Ray took on Sarray in the next match of tonight’s episode of WWE NXT 2.0. Sarray dominated in the early stages of the matches. But the tables turned when Kay Lee Ray send Sarray crushing to the floor outside the ring after hitting her with a knee to the jaw.


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