NXT: Cameron Grimes takes advantage of the opportunity

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NXT: Cameron Grimes takes advantage of the opportunity

CROWBAR ON A POLE MATCH: Dunne vs D'Angelo; We are witnessing a decidedly rough match with the two who almost immediately manage to retrieve the Crowbar placed above the stake. The contest now moves to ringside where Dunne is able to hit his opponent violently in the arm with a falling knee.

Back on the square, the crowbar becomes the protagonist with Dunne trying to use it to subdue D'Angelo who, however, manages to free himself and then uses the crowbar himself to perform a neckbreaker which is followed by an attempt to pin.

The quarrel continues with the two who give it a blessing until Tony decides to put an end to the contest by violently hitting poor Dunne in the face with the crowbar. Result: Tony D'Angelo's pinfall victory. Let's continue now with an all-female match involving 6 athletes.

Cameron Grimes took Melo’s keys from the security guard backstage. He warned the North American Champion that he was coming for his title.

Cameron Grimes is one of the top workers in NXT

Cameron Grimes is one of the top workers in NXT.

It’s a shame that he hasn’t won anything apart from the Million Dollar Championship. A rivalry against Melo will help him showcase his talent once again. SIX WOMEN TAG MATCH: Indi, Pirotta & Choo vs Carter, Catanzaro & Miller; We are offered a good match with Carter and Catanzaro who, as usual, attract attention to them thanks to their alchemy.

But soon attention shifts to the newly entered Choo who, despite a decidedly questionable outfit, possesses considerable technical skills. The situation soon degenerates with all the athletes involved in the ring. Miller tries to take advantage of it but ends up being taken over by Pirotta who violently crashes her to the ground and then leaves everything in the hands of Indi who scores with an elbow drop from the top of the stake.

Result: victory by pinfall of Indi, Pirotta and Choo. Knight attacked DiBiase on NXT after his coronation. This prompted Cameron Grimes to make the save, while also turning face in the process. LA Knight tried to get away from Cameron Grimes, but ‘NXT’s Richest Man’ wasn’t going to let it happen.

He challenged Knight to a match at NXT Great American Bash, which the latter accepted. However, he added a stipulation that if Grimes loses, he would become LA Knight’s butler! There was a little scuffle between the referee and Knight over the title.

Eventually, the title fell outside the ring, while Grimes looked to get the pinfall win with a roll-up. Luckily, LA Knight kicked out in time and saved his championship. However, it seemed like the beginning of the end for him.