NXT: Harland suffered his first defeat

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NXT: Harland suffered his first defeat
NXT: Harland suffered his first defeat

Now, on NXT, it is the turn of a match that brings on another rivalry and more precisely the one involving the third of the Uso cousins. SINGLES MATCH: Only Sikoa vs Boa; We are witnessing a good match with both athletes who have no intention of giving up and giving in to the offensive of their respective opponent.

The contest briefly moves out of the ring where Solo is thrown violently against the stake. Back on the square, Boa seems to be in full control managing to prevent his opponent from performing any kind of offensive. Sikoa seems to be in serious trouble until, thanks to a quick series of blows, she manages to turn the situation around in his favor.

The clash is near the comment area where Boa is thrown against the steps. Harland suffered his first defeat tonight as he and Joe Gacy got disqualified during a qualifier match for the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. The big man's first loss came in the most underwhelming way possible, with him not heeding by the simple rules of the match.

Harland's character is interesting, but the angle could have been handled better.

NXT: Harland suffered his first defeat

In response, Boa throws Solo against the comment table. Meanwhile, the referee arrives with the count up to 10.

Result: no contest. The two continue their brawl backstage where Boa manages to win thanks to his "powers" with which he hits poor Sikoa with a fireball. So here we are at the last match of the evening that finally sees two athletes face to face who literally chased each other between the NXT and RAW rings.

The young talent took to social media to reveal his new name. WWE has already trademarked his name, and his NXT debut and actively working with the Gold and Black brand should come up within the coming months. Previously, when Brock Lesnar worked with WWE, Parker wasn’t a part of the company or the Performance Center.

Now, if Boudreaux makes his NXT debut soon, this will be the first time Lesnar and Boudreaux are working with WWE at the same time. This may not be significant, but it’ll be quite the occasion if Lesnar and Boudreaux step inside the ring together.

However, it’ll take a while for Boudreaux to reach the main roster. If Lesnar is still working on WWE Raw, it should be fun to witness The OG Beast with The Young Beast.


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