NXT: AJ Styles shows an enviable shape

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NXT: AJ Styles shows an enviable shape

SINGLES MATCH: AJ Styles vs Grayson Waller; It goes without saying that the match we are witnessing is of the highest level, both for the excellent performance of Waller but above all for a certain Phenomenal One that whatever it touches turns it into gold (see Omos).

Styles tries to score the Phenomenal Forearm which is promptly avoided by Waller who in response scores his variant of the stunner which, however, gives him only a count of 2. The clash continues with Syles who scores with a Pele kick followed by a brainbuster to then try again the Phenomenal Forearm which this time is successful.

Result: Aj Styles pinfall victory. Post-match Styles praises his opponent by telling him that he is good but not "phenomenal" and concludes by saying that it is not over yet and that an old friend of his has come to visit him.

In the arena, he plays the music of L.A. Knight who without too many words starts to attack Waller forcing him to retreat.

AJ Styles used his experience

Grayson Waller was overconfident before his match against AJ Styles on WWE NXT 2.0.

He talked himself up backstage and threatened to go after Roman Reigns and other top superstars next. Once their match got going, Styles used his experience to wear down the newcomer. Waller struggled to get the better of The Phenomenal One for some time.

The former IMPACT Wrestling is therefore only with Styles in the center of the ring and the two end up hugging each other enjoying the ovation of the audience. Before leaving you, I remind you of tonight's appointment at 7 pm on Open Wrestling TV with Black and Gold Vibes, where we will analyze in more detail the latest episode of our favorite brand.

With the hope of having been sufficiently exhaustive, I wish you a good day or evening, depending on when you are reading, but above all good wrestling to everyone. Igniting a feud against Cena by turning heel, Styles met him at SummerSlam to settle things.

The match was beyond epic and received a lot of positive fan reviews. It was a pinnacle of a wrestling match. “Like I’ve said, the chemistry that we have is unbelievable so what you don’t know about that match at Royal Rumble (2017) is ‘cause that one at SummerSlam was totally different, ‘cause we never went outside the ring at the Royal Rumble match,” says AJ Styles. “We never on to the floor which is different than most matches you know”.