Noam Dar and Mark Andrews Injured During Tapings

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Noam Dar and Mark Andrews Injured During Tapings

Injuries can happen anytime and anywhere during a professional wrestling match. One badly performed move can quite literally end a career in an instant. Professional wrestling may look easy, but it is far from that. Wrestlers have to put their bodies on the line week after week to entertain the fans of their promotions.

The damage wrestlers take from bumps pile up overtime. Some wrestlers require time off to recover from injuries. During the recent NXT Tapings in Coventry, England, Noam Dar took Mark Andrews in singles competition. Dar is known for his athletic moves that he pulls off with precision.

This time, it appeared he made a mistake or something went horribly wrong. He didn’t execute a reverse hurricanrana properly on Mark Andrews and it appeared as if both the superstars got injured. The referee threw the ‘X’ sign which usually indicates that backstage that the wrestlers are unable to perform and require medical attention.

This brought an unexpected stoppage to the match. Noam Dar and Mark Andrews had to be taken backstage on a stretcher. We do not know how serious the injury is and how long these wrestlers will be out for. Dar will not perform at 205 Live anymore as he is all set to live in Europe full time and will be part of NXT UK from now on. If he isn’t injured, we may see him perform frequently at NXT UK.