NXT: Shocking return to NXT

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NXT: Shocking return to NXT

In recent months, several WWE Superstars have been absent from the company's TV screens, some for personal needs, some for being unfortunately fired from the WWE and some because for the moment they did not have any kind of plan ready by the management towards him.

. Among the many excluded from the plans of the company in the last months of the storyline, there are also the guys of the Indus Sher, the tag team of Indian athletes, who initially raged on the NXT rings, and then moved partly to the main roster, where one of the two Indian giants has teamed up with Jinder Mahal and Shanky, other WWE Asian-born talents.

If for a short period of time we saw the Indian trio on the main roster, as far as the remaining Indus Sher member, Saurav Gurjar was concerned, NXT's talent had literally disappeared from the federation rings, with the team that was initially also entrusted to the care of Malcolm Bivens as their manager.

Saurav Gurjar returns to NXT

If you remember correctly, the wrestler in question was the one who spoiled Keith Lee's NXT title win at Great American Bash, highlighting an Instagram story in which Lee was seen celebrating his NXT top title victory, when the 'event had only been recorded and not yet aired, only to delete these images after a few minutes, when the fans had already noticed it and had recorded everything, making them go around the web.

Apparently, the WWE would now have decided to make the Indian giant reappear with a new role on the NXT television screens, a bit like what Omos did until a few months ago, that is the shoulder guard of a growing talent at NXT: Grayson Waller.

If his former teammate, Rinku, has now officially moved to the main roster, Saurav is back tonight to show himself alongside the NXT heel of the moment, with Grayson Waller making it clear how the big boy of Asian origins is his new bodyguard, with all of Waller's enemies being warned by the fighter about it.

In the ring, Knight called out Waller but he was a no-show. LA Knight had to make fun of him and remind him of his past losses before Waller showed up and said that he got a restraining order to make sure Knight doesn't get within 50 feet of him.

Knight said that he may not be allowed near Waller, but Dexter Lumis didn't have such restrictions before bringing him out to face Waller. Lumis came out from under the ring and Knight asked which of them Waller wanted to face in a match.