NXT: Grayson Waller is increasingly scary

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NXT: Grayson Waller is increasingly scary
NXT: Grayson Waller is increasingly scary

Hello everyone and welcome back to the usual NXT 2.0 appointment. The evening opens with L.A. Knight who is made aware by Waller that a restraining order has been issued against him. All reply L.A. Knight points out that the restraining order is only against him and not "this man".

In the arena the music of Dexter Lumis comes out behind Grayson Waller. SINGLES MATCH: Grayson Waller vs Dexter Lumis; We see a Dexter Lumis bring the match also thanks to his experience. Grayson tries in vain to change the tide of the match but Dexter manages to score the Silence from which however Grayson struggles by rolling out of the ring.

Lumis does not let go, however, and insists until he is thrown against the comment table.

LA Knight challenged Grayson Waller

LA Knight arrived early on WWE NXT 2.0 to face Grayson Waller. The Australian star arrived with a restraining order in hand, warning Knight that he would be arrested if he came near.

Dexter Lumis arrived, and a match was booked between him and Waller. The former recently recovered from a hand injury, and his opponent targeted his arm to put him through a lot of pain. Waller then returns to the ring where the referee is distracted by checking his condition thus allowing a strange figure to throw the poor Lumis against the stake and then put him back in the ring.

Waller then takes the opportunity to score his Stunner. Result: Grayson Waller's pinfall victory. Post-match we realize that this shady figure is none other than Saurav and that apparently he is in league with Waller. Let's now move on to the first quarter-final of the men's Dusty Cup.

The recent episode of NXT 2.0 ended in an emotional speech from Johnny Gargano. The former NXT Champion was emotional while addressing the fans. The Triple-Crown Champion competed in the NXT brand for a long time. He started his NXT career in 2015, which gave him a lot of fame and appreciation from the fans.

Johnny Wrestling is one of the best NXT Superstars who delivered epic performances in their NXT Career. The former NXT Champion had a great NXT career becoming the Triple Crown Champion. During his tenure, he gave his best to the WWE universes.

As revealed earlier, he has no further plans decided. He can sign to any other wrestling federation as he becomes a free agent soon.

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