NXT: The Creed Brothers surprised again

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NXT: The Creed Brothers surprised again

TAG MATCH: Briggs & Jensen vs The Creed Brothers; We are witnessing a good thanks also to the alchemy between the members of both teams. Despite their young age, the Creed Brothers manage to defend themselves very well enough to even get to put their opponents in serious difficulty.

The Creed Brothers show us great teamwork with Julius lifting Brutus up to throw him over Brooks. The situation changes again with the entry of Briggs who manages to get rid of his opponents easily enough to get close to the pin.

The fate of the match changes when Brooks is thrown against the barricades thus leaving Briggs alone against both Creed brothers. Obviously, the members of the Diamond Mine immediately take advantage of it to score their combined maneuver, thus bringing home the match.

The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic kicked off on WWE NXT 2.0 this week, with Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen taking on The Creed Brothers in the first match.

The Creed Brothers won

Malcolm Bivens was ecstatic after The Creed Brothers picked up the win.

It was the right call to allow the two massive men to progress to the semifinals of the Dusty Rhodes Classic. Result: pinfall victory for The Creed Brothers who then win the pass for the semi-finals of the tournament. Now we see the welcome of an athlete we haven't seen for a while due to an injury that kept him away from the McMahon rings.

SINGLES MATCH: Dante Chen vs Guru Raaji; Unfortunately, the match does not have much to say as in a very short time it is interrupted by another return that this time takes the name of Duke Hudson. Result: no contest. End of the first part.

Many NXT stars are vying for a spot on the main roster. New talents at the performance center are getting ready to make their debut and are working towards the same. NXT 2.0 has recently introduced new superstars to the company and a new era is coming where NXT will have content similar to ‘the attitude era.’ The reason behind this change in NXT and Vince McMahon pushing younger talent is due to the state of the main roster.

McMahon knows there are many top stars in the main roster who are above 40 and won’t be at the top for very long. Meltzer said, “They are very much cognizant of the idea that they got a lot of 40-year-olds on the main roster and that’s one of the reasons why NXT has changed so much”.