New updates from the NXT backstage

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New updates from the NXT backstage

Recently, we reported that WWE's said to be disappointed by the changes made to NXT, when in September 2021 it became NXT 2.0 by completely changing its look, arena and even way of presenting superstars, introducing many new talents.

But all these changes seem not to have made McMahon quite so happy and it was the Twitter profile of wrestling news Wrestlevotes, who wrote: “Internally it is said that WWE is disappointed with NXT 2.0 in its first 4 months.

The source said they thought more fans would gravitate to newer stars faster than they did. Could it be too, too fast? In any case, I don't expect any changes to the concept ... for now."

Latest news on NXT

Back after a break on NXT, we saw that the match was underway with Waller and Lumis in the ring.

Dexter had control of the match early on and hit a big neckbreaker before getting a big suplex and a leg drop as the match went on. Outside the ring, Waller sent Lumis over the announcer's desk before Saurav returned and shoved Lumis into the ring post.

Back in the ring, Waller got his trademark stunner before picking up the win. After what Wrestlevotes wrote, the reporter Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men podcast intervened, who pointed out that much of the blame falls on the very abrupt change of the product, something also mentioned in yesterday's tweet from his colleagues.

"The perception of the product by the fans does not help", added the source, also saying that the changes were necessary to keep the brand alive, "Changes had to be made, but not this way." It has also been said that the NXT system has been "broken" according to many in the company, and changes are needed to fix the problems and move on.

One goal was to have a much younger audience, but the average age of viewers for this week's NXT episode was 61. The average age for the New Year's Evil special on January 4 was 58.1. It's really a shame because WWE actually made some changes to the product that were definitely a sign of wanting to get closer to young people, such as some live cellphone connections with athletes, but something is not working and maybe it is something that it goes beyond rapid changes.

Brutus and Jensen kicked off the match and Brooks got a huge knee before getting a dropkick and tagging in Briggs for a double team. Brutus came and tossed Jensen outside before they headed back to the ring.