What will happen on NXT in the coming weeks?

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What will happen on NXT in the coming weeks?

In recent weeks, there has been nothing but talk of who could take part in the WWE men's Royal Rumble, as the women's match of the same name has already encountered several names of WWE and former WWE athletes, who have been called by surprise by the federation, with a video that aired just a few weeks ago live on Friday Night Smackdown, which "spoiled" numerous names that no WWE Universe fan would ever have imagined.

Among the various are Michelle McCool, the Bella Twins and Lita, the name of the current IMPACT Wrestling champion, Mickie James, the former WWE athlete who was sacked just a few months ago, with her farewell that had caused a sensation.

After seeing James's name being added to the list of female Superstars who will take part in the Rumble, a true parallel universe has opened up for fans of the NXT Universe, with numerous names that could never have been associated with WWE, in a moment of this kind and that now they could take part in both real fights of the company, after the opening of the famous "Forbidden Door"

Beth Phoenix has always been regarded as one of the toughest and most dominant wrestlers of all time. A former in-ring competitor, Phoenix has previously worked as a commentator for the NXT brand.

New details on NXT

After reading, in the morning, the news of the refusal of the former IIconics to take part in the women's Rumble, after the WWE's request, we learn that an NXT champion could be added to the 30 participants of the men's match, with the well-known site PWInsider, reporting: "WWE will bring at least two top NXT talent for the Royal Rumble weekend, PW Insider confirmed.

NXT champion Bron Breakker and Gunther, the former WALTER, are slated to take part in the St Louis event next weekend for the Rumble. There are no confirmations at the moment that they will be included in the men's Rumble, but presumably, they will still be available, if needed."

According to the well-known overseas site, therefore, the two NXT top wrestlers will in any case be in the backstage of the event, whether they take part in the event, or whether they are called only as reinforcements, in case their contribution to the match.

We will see, on the 29th night, if the WWE decides to involve the two great talents of NXT in this edition of the Rumble, with their arrival in the main roster which would still be a great step in their career.