NXT: MSK can no longer be underestimated

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NXT: MSK can no longer be underestimated

Hello everyone and welcome back to the usual NXT 2.0 appointment. The first match of the evening sees two teams facing each other intent on earning the passage of the round in the Dusty Cup. TAG TEAM MATCH: MSK vs Jacket Time; We are witnessing a pleasant match at very high speed.

Ikamen and Kushida work excellently as a team by hitting poor Lee with a series of elbows followed by a double bulldog. The situation changes with the entry of Carter who gets rid of both opponents by also scoring a devastating German suplex on Ikamen and then performing a standing shooting star press followed by an unsuccessful pinfall attempt.

The two teams do not intend to give up, so much so that Jiro even tries a swenton bomb on Lee which he quickly manages to avoid by relieving Carter who as soon as he enters ends up being imprisoned in Kushida's kimura lock.

Carter manages to get Lee to take over again who scores a blockbuster followed by the count of 3.

MSK has uncommon skills

MSK and Jacket Time competed in their first matches in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Both teams showcased their athleticism and looked poised to win.

Wes Lee and Nash Carter got some near-falls in the contest, but KUSHIDA and Ikemen Jiro continued to fight on. KUSHIDA caught Lee in the Hoverboard Lock but could not hold on for long. MSK ended the match with the Doomsday Device for the victory.

Result: MSK pinfall victory. We are now witnessing a commercial held by Santos Escobar supported by the whole Legado del Fantasma. The leader obviously throws words of fire to the current NXT Champion Bron Breakker who obviously decides to join him in the ring.

The two have a hard verbal confrontation with Bron who accuses Santos of being insecure always needing the "escort" while he does and will always do everything by himself just as he was taught in the family. He also adds that if he wants a match just ask for it and he'll give it to him because he's not afraid of anyone.

Santos in response tells him that if and when he is ready to challenge him, he will understand. Before leaving, Mendoza and Wilde attempt to attack the champion and fail miserably. Let's now move on to the next match that sees the continuation of a rivalry that has been accompanying us for a few weeks.

The next special show has been announced too. Vengeance Day will take place in three weeks, and quite a few matches already seem set in stone. Also, the news of WWE NXT Stand & Deliver taking place in Dallas comes as massive encouragement for the brand.