NXT: Bron Breakker has to watch his back


NXT: Bron Breakker has to watch his back

TAG MATCH: Chase & Hayward vs GYV; We see a very technical clash between Drake and Chase with the latter intent on teaching his teammate Bodhi by being supported by his entire class. Chase and Bodhi work great as a team until Gibson manages to take the gear without being seen by Chase.

The newcomer drags our beloved teacher out of the ring and then crashes him violently into the apron ring with the support of Drake. The dispute continues with the entry of Bodhi who is literally on fire knocking out both of his opponents.

The GYVs, however, have their cunning on their side and show it all by managing to distract poor Bodhi and then knock him out with a double kneebuster to which I follow the final pin. Santos Escobar called out Bron Breakker on WWE NXT.

He trash-talked a little before the champion arrived.

Santos Escobar called out Bron Breakker

Bron Breakker is set to have a long and strong WWE NXT Championship reign. The start couldn't be much better, as Santos Escobar is a great name to put against the second-generation star.

The two had a promo battle this week, which kicked off with the mention that both stars come from wrestling families. Escobar eventually challenged Breakker to a tag team match next week, pointing out his lack of friends. Tommaso Ciampa joined forces with Bron at the end of the show.

Result: GYV pinfall victory. Post-match Chase and Hayward are also attacked by Von Wagner who after knocking them out is joined by Robert Stone who effectively sanctions Von's entry into his team. In the last moments of the match, Ciampa delivered knee strikes to Breakker, finishing with the Fairy-Tale ending.

Surprisingly, the young talent kicked out and grabbed Ciampa with a diving strike to end with a Camel Clutch submission. Ciampa, who couldn’t stand the submission hold, tapped out and surrendered his title. After a match with extreme in-ring action where both men gave it their all to beat the other, Bron Breakker reigned supreme.

Once NXT went off the air, fans in the arena were treated to an impromptu after-party as Rick Steiner, Bron Breakker’s father, and former WCW Tag Team Champion celebrated with his son. Once he is done celebrating his win, new challengers will emerge to knock him off the top spot.

The way in which he manages to retain his belt will signify his dominance in the WWE. If he can continue putting in performances as he has done in NXT, the brand is set for a long reign.

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