NXT: Tony D'Angelo was brutally attacked

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NXT: Tony D'Angelo was brutally attacked

MAIN EVENT-N.1 CONTENDER MATCH: Cameron Grimes vs Tony D'Angelo; We are offered a good match with the two purely engaged in technical exchanges. The two tease each other repeatedly throughout the match with Grimes who in the meantime proves much more concrete by hitting his opponent repeatedly.

D'Angelo takes advantage of a moment of extreme safety of his opponent by scoring a belly to belly suplex and an Irish whip with which he throws Grimes out of the ring. The contest continues with the two exhausted athletes looking for the perfect shot to end the match.

Tony seems to find him with a German suplex but he only gives him a count of 2. Grimes now scores a series of kicks before being knocked down by a t-bon suplex with which he is thrown against the apron undergoing an attempt again pinfall.

Tony D'Angelo and Cameron Grimes competed

Tony D'Angelo and Cameron Grimes competed in the main event of WWE NXT. Both men were looking to earn a shot at the North American Championship. D'Angelo started well and put Grimes on the backdoor.

The Technical Savage fought from underneath and took the fight to the heel. Pete Dunne showed up towards the end of the match to smack D'Angelo with a cricket bat. It allowed Grimes to hit Cave In for the win. The battle continues with Grimes trying to score the Caveman that Tony avoids by taking refuge outside the ring.

D 'Angelo is now hit in the back with a stick by Dunne, who takes advantage of a moment of distraction from the referee, forcing him now to take refuge in the ring where he is shot down by the Caveman. Result: Cameron Grimes pinfall victory.

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This was Keith Lee’s first title defense since NXT: The Great American Bash. Both the superstars were trading big shots that they’re known for. Keith Lee ended the well-contested match with a Big Bang Catastrophe.

After winning the match Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic were expressing their respect to each other and the lights went out. Scarlett Bordeaux made her way to the ring with a sack emptied the remains of the hourglass that the double champion destroyed week’s back.