Johnny Gargano reveals: "I want a match with Daniel Bryan"

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Johnny Gargano reveals: "I want a match with Daniel Bryan"

The rise of Johnny Gargano has made him one of the most famous NXT superstars. The current storyline his with former friend Tommaso Ciampa has convinced fans, who often follow the NXT events more than Raw and SmackDown Live.

During a recent interview with Alex McCarthy of Give Me Sport, Johnny Gargano revealed who would be his dream opponent between Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles and Seth Rollins. “Obviously, Daniel Bryan, that’s a dream match that a lot of people would love to see now.

I think I just posted a tweet recently that the internet went nuts for, that’s me and Seth Rollins because I wore my Captain America Infinity War gear and he just wore the Thanos gear. Of course, I’d be remiss not to say AJ Styles, I’m going strictly on wrestling dream matches for some people.

If we’re going story, there may be a different answer, but if we’re going strictly wrestling dream matches, those are my three," said Johnny, but he seems to want to stay at NXT for a few more years. In the future we might see the dream match between Johnny Gargano and Daniel Bryan, but it is not the right time yet.