NXT: Sarray defeated Kayla Inlay

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NXT: Sarray defeated Kayla Inlay

SINGLES MATCH: LA Knight vs Joe Gacy; We are offered a good meeting thanks also to the acting skills of the two protagonists. Gacy tries to move the dispute to the ground by trying to exhaust his opponent with various breathtaking holds but Knight is not there even if he then has to capitulate under the blows of the visionary.

Knight manages to take advantage of a moment of extreme confidence in his opponent, managing to bring the dispute back in his favor before the intervention of Grayson Waller. Kayla Inlay got a chop before the bell rang and once the match was started, Sarray got some big moves in the corner.

Inlay took control of the match and kicked Sarray into the corner before locking in a hold in the middle of the ring.

Sarray def. Kayla Inlay

Sarray broke out and hit Kayla Inlay with some strikes before getting a double stomp.

The Japanese Superstar set up Inlay on the ropes before hitting her with a double dropkick for the win. Before the referee gets to count to 10, Knight manages to get back into the ring only to be knocked down by Joe's clothesline.

Result: Joe Gacy's pinfall win. Post-match Waller decides to instigate L.A. Knight leading him to violate the restraining order and hit him in the face before being shot down by Veer Mahaan. End of the second part. The truth is that Sarray is only 25, but that does not diminish her from other professional wrestlers in any way.

This can be attributed to the fact that she made her pro wrestling debut at the age of 15! Coming from Itabashi-Ku in Tokyo, Japan, Sarray joined the wrestling order from a young age. She trained under Kyoko Inoue, who is a renowned figure in Japan and the first woman to win a men’s title in the country, and also under Olympic Bronze Medallist Kyoko Hamaguchi.

Her second stint in the promotion proved to be a breakthrough as she emerged as the top talent of Diana. During this time, she managed to become a 2-time World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana Champion and at one point, also heard the Diana Championship along with the Sendai Girls World Championship during a promotional crossover.

Mandy Rose, who made her NXT debut in 2016, was mainly part of the mid-card category of NXT. She never made it big in the black and yellow brand as her stay in NXT only lasted for a year. Mandy was called up to form a trio that included Sonya Deville and Alexa Bliss i.e. Absolution.