NXT: Andre Chase is too underrated

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NXT: Andre Chase is too underrated

The next match features our favorite sleepyhead. SINGLES MATCH: Wendy Choo vs Amari Miller; We are witnessing an overall fair match with Miller who also manages to come close to victory after a jumping knee smash. Tiffany Stratton intervened and ended up distracting poor Miller who then lowers her guard allowing Wendy to bring the dispute home.

Result: Wendy Choo pinch win; The next match features a rookie with high hopes. SINGLES MATCH: Draco Anthony vs Andre Chase. We are offered a pleasant match with the two who give us excellent exchanges.

Andre Chase def. Draco Anthony

Draco Anthony hit a spear in the corner as NXT continued and got a big suplex for a near fall.

Andre Chase got the kicks and spelled out CHASE U like a cheerleader before Draco took him down and wiped his feet with the Chase University flag. Hayward snatched the flag away and the distraction allowed Chase to get back in with a flat liner and pick up the win on the newcomer.

Novice Draco proves he knows how to do it in the ring and also has a good attitude in the ring even going so far as to touch Chase personally after stealing one of his university flags to try to break it in half. Fortunately, Bodhi prevents Draco from carrying out the act by giving Chase the opportunity to react and take home the victory.

Result: Andre Chase's pinfall win. Since then, Draco has been a part of the WWE’s 205 Live events. Draco Anthony picked up his first win on the WWE 205 Live against Javier Bernal. He has also faced the former NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Roderick Strong, at 205 Live in a non-title match.

However, Roderick Strong hit Anthony with a jumping knee in this match, leading to Anthony’s defeat. Before joining the world of professional wrestling, Chase Crews served in the United States Army for four years. In the video, Draco mentioned, “My drill instructor said I would never make it as a Marine; I proudly served my country for four years”.

The attitude and the act to do whatever it takes is something that Chase Crews, aka Draco Anthony, wants to fulfill in his life. Previously, Draco Anthony has proved his actions against his drill instructor’s words. In the package video, he also mentioned the same, “My actions speak louder than your words”.

The debut match on NXT was just the beginning for Draco Anthony. We can predict that Draco Anthony would step up and climb his ladder to reach the apex.