NXT did not air the women's tournament

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NXT did not air the women's tournament
NXT did not air the women's tournament

In recent years, WWE has always staged a tournament dedicated to the late American Dream, Dusty Rhodes, one of its best known Hall of Famers who at the end of his career had given a huge hand in the construction of NXT for what it had become today.

Until shortly before his death, in fact, Cody and Dustin's father played the role of head trainer in that of NXT, with his face that was fundamental for the growth of numerous talents in that of NXT, from Big E to Roman Reigns, passing through Seth Rollins and many others.

Everyone owes something to Dusty Rhodes, so much so that the WWE has launched a tag team tournament, dedicated to the former wrestler, who passed away a few years ago. With the Women's Revolution, of course, the women's sector has also had its space in that of NXT, with the company of McMahons who have also decided to hold a women's tournament in the tag team, which, however, apparently, for this year at least, it seems to have stopped for some problem.

What happened on NXT?

According to what was stated in the last hours by the well-known Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer, in fact, the female Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic could not start due to the difficulty in finding female teams in that of NXT.

In the last newsletter of the site, the journalist said: "It's easy to say. There's something wrong with NXT and I think it's on everyone's lips. What is it? The fact is that NXT is a microcosm of the whole company. So, I don't know if you all know, but what was to start yesterday? What hasn't started is the women's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

They don't have teams, okay? Do you know what happened on Saturday? Do you know what they aired on Saturday? The Royal Rumble. Do you know what happened in the Royal Rumble? They didn't have women! So what do we have here: systemic incompetence.

But yeah, we fire 87 wrestlers and then get confused and caught. Now they don't have enough athletes for the Rumble or the tournament. So, the tournament didn't really start. And you can understand it because they recorded the angles to get it started, then it all disappeared into thin air.

There will be a tournament with women and then they don't have enough women. But you know what the funny thing is? It's like when they fire people, they always come back in the end and ask, 'Could you please come back? We need you and they obviously send them to that country. This is what they do."

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