NXT: The Creed Brothers are getting better

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NXT: The Creed Brothers are getting better
NXT: The Creed Brothers are getting better

Hello everyone and welcome back to the usual NXT 2.0 appointment. The evening got off to a great start with the first match featuring two of the best teams involved in the Dusty Classic. TAG MATCH: The Creed Brothers vs GYV; Obviously we are witnessing a very high-level match that begins even before the 4 go into the ring.

The GYV try to exploit their alchemy and their cunning but I can do nothing against the physical arrogance of the Creed Brothers even if with a lot of effort they manage to bring home the dispute. Result: pinfall victory for The Creed Brothers who then win a place in the final of the Dusty Classic; let's now move on to an all-female match involving two of the most particular characters who have trodden the NXT rings in the last period.

The Creed Brothers took on The Grizzled Young Veterans in the semifinals of the WWE NXT Dusty Rhodes Classic. The brothers dominated early before GYV managed to isolate Brutus Creed. Brutus endured for some time before fighting back and making the h*t tag to Julius Creed.

He ran over James Drake and went on a roll.

The Creed Brothers took on The Grizzled Young Veterans

Drake hit a suicide dive, and GYV hit Doomsday Device for a nearfall. The Creed Brothers did not let the match slip and hit a double-team move.

A low clothesline from Brutus helped the brothers pick up the victory and move into the finals of the Dusty Rhodes Classic. The match was entertaining and arguably the best one of the night. It was heartbreaking to see Grizzled Young Veterans take another loss in a major tournament.

SINGLES MATCH: Wendy Choo vs Tiffany Stratton; We are offered a discreet match that sees Tiffany show all her athleticism while Wendy seems to enjoy herself enormously in the role of the NXT sleepyhead so much that she too is greatly encouraged by the public.

Tiffany then decides that the time has come to press heavily on the accelerator and after realizing that her fingernail has broken she begins to score one move after another without stopping, managing to bring home the victory with a fly from the top of the stake.

Result: Tiffany Stratton pinfall win. Reportedly, Gargano’s contract with the company was ending on December 3rd, 2021. However, he signed a one week extension with the company and now, he’s contract is ending on December 10th.

Apparently, the company and Gargano are trying to negotiate a deal that will work in both their favour. So far, it’s unknown if WWE has actually offered him a deal that looks acceptable to him.

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