NXT: LA Knight defeated Sanga

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NXT: LA Knight defeated Sanga
NXT: LA Knight defeated Sanga (Provided by Wrestling World)

Let's continue now with a match that sees the evolution of a rivalry that has been going on for months now. SINGLES MATCH: LA Knight vs Sanga; Knight really does all he can to counter Sanga's overwhelming physical power but the latter does not let himself be intimidated and manages to put him in serious difficulty.

The situation seems to be reversed when Knight decides to press fiercely on the accelerator enough to force Grayson Waller to intervene by removing the cover from one of the posts. LA Knight looked to take his rivalry against Grayson Waller forward on WWE NXT.

To get to the heel, Knight took on his bodyguard Sanga on this week’s show. Knight wasn’t intimidated by Sanga’s size and took every opportunity to chop him down. Waller tried to coach his bodyguard from outside but could not get things right.

LA Knight def. Sanga

Sanga still has a lot of work to do in the ring. While he wasn’t too bad, WWE still needs to fine-tune his character and skill set. LA Knight got a good match that will give him the upper hand in the rivalry.

The two superstars will likely put on some great matches on the show in the weeks to come. A move that turns out to be counterproductive as Sanga ends up against the stake allowing Knight to score a neckbreaker that gives him the victory.

Result: LA Knight's pinch victory, who then managed to obtain the cancellation of the restraining order against Grayson Waller. Post-match Knight and Waller start giving each other a good reason but the former Impact Wrestling wins.

During his stint in TNA as Eli Drake, he was heavily pushed as one of the company’s top guys. He won the title in 2017 in a gauntlet match where he entered second. Drake defended the title against Matt Sydal, Cody Hall, son of WWE legend Scott Hall, Johnny Impact and Alberto El Patron.

His first reign lasted 146 days and was ended by Austin Aries. He won the title a second time from Moose, by cashing in his Feast or Fired briefcase. Prior to signing for NXT and after his departure from IMPACT, Eli Drake went to the National Wrestling Alliance, where he won the tag titles with another ex-TNA star, James Storm.

They beat the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and The Wild Cards (Royce Isaacs and Thom Latimer) at NWA Hard Times. They dropped the titles to Aron Stevens and JR Kratos at UWN Primetime Live.

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