NXT: Dolph Ziggler made a surprise appearance

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NXT: Dolph Ziggler made a surprise appearance

Now is the time for the signing of the contract that establishes the match valid for the NXT Championship which will be played between Bron Breakker as champion and Santos Escobar as a challenger. The Two begin a verbal exchange that sees a Breakker in great shape so as to challenge Santos immediately without even waiting for Vengeance Day.

Before Santos can open his mouth in the arena he plays the music of none other than Dolph Ziggler. Obviously, Ziggler openly launches a challenge to the champion but before he can finish his speech Ciampa also appears in the ring and without too many words, the two start a real fight.

The Legado of the Phantom uses this moment of chaos to unleash a group attack on poor Bron who is thrown against the table. Finally, Escobar announces that the two will clash next week at Vengeance Day and that obviously they will do so with the title up for grabs.

Now it's the turn of a women's match again. WWE NXT Champion Bron Breakker came out to the ring to have a chat with his next challenger, Santos Escobar. The two men traded h*t words before former WWE Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler showed up.

Dolph Ziggler showed up

The Blackheart was offended by Dolph Ziggler claiming the NXT title. He said he was next in line for a title shot after Breakker was done with Escobar. The champ took offense to the interruptions and said he would deal with all three men one by one.

Escobar left the ring and sent Legado del Fantasma to deal with the men in the ring. After Breakker cleared the ring and Ciampa fought with Ziggler on the outside, Legado del Fantasma put the champion through the table to end the segment.

SINGLES MATCH: Dakota Kai vs Sarray; We are offered a very interesting match also thanks to the undeniable technical skills of the two athletes. Sarray tries everything to keep up with Dakota Kai who, for her part, can't wait to bring the contest home and she seems to succeed with a splendid swinning neckbreaker who, however, only gives her a 2 count.

The two begin a roll-up waltz which leads them nowhere. Kai tries to take advantage of the confusing situation to try to score the running big-boot which is promptly dodged by Sarray who then scores the low dropkick first and then the tiger suplex. Result: Sarray's pinfall victory.