NXT: Mandy Rose retained her title

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NXT: Mandy Rose retained her title
NXT: Mandy Rose retained her title (Provided by Wrestling World)

NXT WOMEN'S TITLE MATCH: Mandy Rose (c) vs Kay Lee Ray; We are offered a very interesting match with Mandy Rose who manages to keep up with her opponent but when she decides to press the accelerator, the situation is reversed.

In fact, they are forced to intervene as Jacy Jane manages to distract the referee allowing Gigi Dollin to push poor Kay off the stake. Mandy then manages to take advantage of the situation by scoring a devastating running knee.

Result: Mandy Rose's pinfall victory confirms NXT Women’s Champion.

Kay Lee Ray challenged Mandy Rose

The main event on NXT 2.0 this week saw "The Baddest B*tch in the Game" Mandy Rose defend her NXT Women's Championship for the first time since January 4 against Kay Lee Ray.

Post-match Toxic Attraction decide to attack poor Kay again using her baseball bat. Before the attack materializes, Io Shirai comes to Ray's rescue and easily gets rid of Gigi and Jacy, allowing Kay to land her Gory Bomb to damage Mandy Rose.

Before leaving you, I remind you of tonight's appointment at 7 pm on Open Wrestling TV with Black and Gold Vibes, where we will analyze in more detail the latest episode of our favorite brand. Lee Ray tried to hit the KLR Bomb early, but Rose reversed it into a sunset flip bomb for another nearfall.

Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne returned to the arena and saved the NXT Women’s Champion by sending Ray off the top rope to the floor. Rose took advantage of the situation and hit a Bicycle Knee for the win. Rose got another good title defense on Tuesday night against a top superstar.

Mandy Rose first came public about her boyfriend was back in 2018. She revealed on the podcast, Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia that she was dating NXT star Tino Sabbatelli. The couple even attended the Hall Of Fame together, but details about their relationship have remained private.

But they are now broken up, and it is speculated that the reason was Rose’s on-screen romance with Otis. Unfortunately, the wedding bells did not ring, and the couple is now broken up. Mandy and Michael have deleted each other’s posts on Instagram and have unfollowed each other as well.

While there is no official statement or news on this, Mandy’s social media tell a different story. While this is too little evidence, we believe the two may have separated or taken time off.

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