NXT: Pete Dunne challenged Tony D'Angelo

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NXT: Pete Dunne challenged Tony D'Angelo

Hello everyone and welcome back to the usual NXT 2.0 appointment that today takes on the role of the special episode called Vengeance Day. Italian origins. WEAPONIZED STEEL CAGE MATCH: Pete Dunne vs Tony D'Angelo; We are witnessing a decidedly brutal match with the two who have no intention of sparing themselves.

Specifically, we see a Dunne starting in fourth place attacking her rival who did not expect such a thunderous start. However, D'Angelo manages to overturn the situation by even tying up poor Dunne with an electrician's cable tie.

Pete Dunne vs. Tony D’Angelo

Tony D’Angelo made a grand entry for his match against Pete Dunne at WWE NXT Vengeance Day. The two superstars were booked to compete in a Weaponized Steel Cage Match. Dunne went for the weapons early and looked to punish D’Angelo.

The heel managed to superplex Dunne and handcuff him to take control of the contest. The clash is at a very high intensity and neither of them is going to give up the blow. Dunne needs 2 Bitter Ends to get the win. Result: Pete Dunne pinch win; Let's continue now with the match that sees the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship up for grabs.

A few more big spots could have made this contest even better, and it was still very enjoyable and showed what both men are capable of. Dunne has been built as one of the toughest competitors in the company, and he showed exactly what he’s made of at Vengeance Day.

Night 1 of NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver opened with an instant classic between Pete Dunne and Kushida. The match had no special stipulations. It was just another traditional match, and both men showed why they’re technical wizards of the squared circle.

The match had some innovative moves and moments that left us wanting more. Not just us, but fans too! Both men stunned fans across the globe with their match. The storytelling was simple, and they really played into it. In fact, another user praised the match and added how he would’ve preferred having the match end with submission after the story they told in the ring.

We guess this will happen soon! Pete Dunne and Kushida put on an instant classic tonight. Yes, Dunne may have walked out with the victory this time around, but we’re sure Kushida will look to even the score. After a back and forth of offensive moves, Dunne got the better of D’Angelo and hit him with a crowbar before connecting with another Bitter End for the win.