NXT: Harland challenged Draco Anthony

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NXT: Harland challenged Draco Anthony

Now is the time for the match involving the new face of the Stone Brand. SINGLES MATCH: Von Wagner vs Andre Chase; It goes without saying that for poor Chase it is literally a slaughter with Von practically scoring one hit after another.

Chase is thrown across the ring before deciding to respond to Von's offensives. The situation is reversed when Chase is distracted by what happens at ringside between Robert Stone and his top student. Draco Anthony tried to escape the ring early on, but Harland caught him by the hair and dragged him back.

Harland unloaded on Draco in the corner before dropping him and slamming his head over and over on the mat. He hit the side suplex and picked up the easy win.

Harland def. Draco Anthony

After the match, Harland grabbed Draco Anthony for a hug before NXT went on.

He then decides to take an interest in it, ending up discovering the side and giving Wagner the opportunity to close the dispute. Result: Von Wagner pinfall victory; So here we are at the last match of the evening which, moreover, is also titled.

Jade and Gonzalez had the early advantage, but Feroz dodged a big move and tried to roll up Raquel. Jade tagged back in and sent Feroz into the corner before they were sent outside, and Gonzalez took a big dive at ringside.

Jade was isolated in the ring and managed to get the tag before Raquel came in and hit a chingona bomb on Feroz. Jade came back in and hit a dive on Feroz for the win. Since then, Draco has been a part of the WWE’s 205 Live events.

Draco Anthony picked up his first win on the WWE 205 Live against Javier Bernal. He has also faced the former NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Roderick Strong, at 205 Live in a non-title match. However, Roderick Strong hit Anthony with a jumping knee in this match, leading to Anthony’s defeat.

In today’s edition of WWE Nxt 2.0, WWE displayed Draco Anthony’s wrestling vignette. After his part in WWE 205 Live, it looks like Draco Anthony is now set for what comes next. The package posted by WWE NXT during the show portrays that Draco Anthony is focused on putting in the work on the black and gold brand.

During Draco Anthony’s debut on NXT 2.0, he faced Andre Chase. Even though Draco’s in-ring action against Chase was quite impressive to watch, the result of the match was not.