NXT: Carmelo Hayes retained his Championship

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NXT: Carmelo Hayes retained his Championship

MAIN EVENT-N.A. TITLE MATCH: Carmelo Hayes (c) vs Pete Dunne; We are witnessing an excellent match with the two athletes who literally give each other a good reason. Dunne also manages to score his s-plex. Let's now see the two intentions in an exchange of blows in the center of the ring then won by Hayes who forces Dunne out of the ring where he has a verbal exchange with Trick Williams before being knocked down by Hayes.

Back in the ring, Dunne comes close to winning with a tremendous elbow followed by a 2 count. Dunne does not give up and continues the assault before being knocked off the mat with a codebreaker which is only followed by a 2 count.

Pete Dunne challenged Carmelo Hayes

Pete Dunne challenged Carmelo Hayes for the NXT North American Championship in the main event Tuesday night. The two men exchanged lariats before Trick Williams distracted Dunne. Melo took over and delivered some stiff strikes.

Dunne caught him in an armbar, and Hayes had to use the ropes to break it up. The two now move to the top of the stake from which Dunne is pushed down and then knocked down by the leg drop on the back of his neck. Result: Carmelo Hayes' pinch win, confirming himself as North American Champion.

Before leaving you, I remind you of tonight's appointment at 7 pm on Open Wrestling TV with Black and Gold Vibes, where we will analyze in more detail the latest episode of our favorite brand. Hayes and Odyssey Jones exhibited a stellar performance in front of the audience gathered in the WWE Performance Center.

Both superstars had their share of momentum during the match. Jones kept on attacking with his speed, whereas Hayes showed his athleticism and exhibited some brilliant moves to stun the crowd and Jones. Jones, who nearly thought he won the match with a splash, suffered a shock loss after Hayes rolled him up as he pinned him for the victory.

Carmelo Hayes was elated with his win and celebrated the victory with the fans later on his Twitter account. Hayes tweeted- “When I shoot, I don’t miss!” Carmelo became a tremendous sensation after his debut, and especially after his phenomenal match with Adam Cole that caught the eye of many WWE fans.

The Nxt Breakout Tournament 2021 turned out to be a great success. Fans got to know more about some outstanding talents in the industry and witness their performance.

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