Aliester Farewell to NXT Fans

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Aliester Farewell to NXT Fans

The WWE is the biggest wrestling promotion of the world and only the best wrestlers of the world can be a part of their main roster. To give lesser experienced wrestlers a chance, the WWE has a smaller brand called NXT. NXT is usually used to develop indie wrestlers that join the WWE.

Most NXT wrestlers that are talented are often called to the WWE main roster. The best wrestlers that we see in the main roster today were part of NXT. NXT wrestlers have a fan base which they bring to the main WWE shows when they join the main roster.

Aleister Black was a famous NXT Wrestler that is now part of WWE’s main roster. He had a huge fan base when he was working for NXT and his fans are delighted to see him on the main roster. Aleister Black used his Instagram account to say farewell to his NXT fans and his co-workers at NXT.

“It's been a ride NXT, a hell of a ride. In less than three years, I went from psychological and physical problems, anxiety and panic attacks, to thriving in an high stress environment. The majority of you only see the actual in-ring work and none of what goes around or behind it.

I can tell you with full conviction that if you knew how this world truly works the majority of you wouldn't have such a high strong opinion, nor give the criticism that some of you give. You think you know, but you really don't”.