Aleister Black Talks About Guilt

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Aleister Black Talks About Guilt

There are plenty of WWE superstars that have regrets and want to go back into the past to correct their mistakes. WWE wrestlers have a very tough schedule and need to take an immense amount of abuse on their bodies to entertain the fans.

WWE wrestlers sometimes fall victim to drug addiction and suffer from health problems. These can affect their performance, which in turn can affect their relationship with the promotion. On a few occasions we have seen wrestlers perform while being under the influence.

Jeff Hardy once entered at match being under the influence against Sting. This happened at a TNA Bound for Glory Event. Sting had to go off script and end the match early. Aleister Black has recently joined the WWE main roster.

He said farewell to his NXT fans and also stated that he is suffering from guilt. He communicated with his fans using his Instagram account. I used to call myself the king of self sabotage, and if you tell yourself something long enough, you'll believe it and don't move away from it," Black explained.

"I still deal with a lot guilt for things I have done to others, as well as strangely feeling guilty for letting others do that to me as well”. According to a few sources, Aleister Black was to wrestle John Cena at this year’s WrestleMania. The plans were scrapped as Black suffered a panic attack before his debut date.