NXT: Shocking surprise on NXT

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NXT: Shocking surprise on NXT

During the night the last episode of NXT 2.0 dedicated to Roadblock was broadcast, a special episode of the usual weekly WWE show that deals with the storylines of the youngest talents and on the launch pad of the McMahon-owned federation.

The main event of this show was a triple threat valid for the absolute title of the brand, with Bron Breakker who would have had to give away his champion belt from the assault of Tommaso Ciampa and Dolph Ziggler, two athletes who now turn around him for weeks.

Dolph Ziggler, despite being an athlete on the main roster, has already played several matches within the NXT square, to try to raise both the ratings and the interest from WWE Universe fans towards the product offered by the color show of the company.

This week, the Show Off wanted to shock everyone, going to win his first NXT title, snatching it from Bron Breakker's hands and leaving the fans speechless in the Roadblock main event.

Big surprise on NXT

NXT: Roadblock kicked off with the semifinal match in the Women's Dusty Cup between the teams of Cora Jade & Raquel Gonzalez and Wendy Choo & Dakota Kai.

After a very balanced contest, in which all three contenders tried several times to end the match, looking for the final pin, the only one to beat their opponents was the main roster athlete, Dolph Ziggler. Thanks to the inevitable help of Robert Roode, who made sure that Ziggler was not pinned several times, the Show Off managed to pin Tommaso Ciampa after a devastating Superkick, with the champion who had instead been knocked out of the ring and therefore unable to react to what was happening inside the ring.

WWE has deliberately pinned Ciampa and not the champion, to safeguard his status and above all to ensure that in the next ppv of NXT, close to Wrestlemania 38 and therefore at Stand & Deliver, Bron Breakker will be able to request his title shot with a rematch valid for the NXT Champioship, with Rick Steiner's son who could thus return to reign on the WWE color roster.

Thus comes, however, a great affirmation for Dolph Ziggler, who had not won a major title in WWE for years and who seemed to be increasingly distant from the ideas of the management, with one of the few titles he was missing in the palmares that is now his and with WWE Universe fans who in fact went into raptures at the end of the match at NXT, very happy for him, although the athlete is a heel at the moment.