NXT: The NXT Tag Team division is full of talent

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NXT: The NXT Tag Team division is full of talent

TAG MATCH: Shirai & Lee Ray vs Catanzaro & Carter; We are offered a splendid match that could easily be the final of this tournament. The alchemy between Catanzaro and Carter is practically perfect with the two able to keep up with two athletes with much more experience than them between the ropes.

Kacy also manages to get close to the pin against Io. However, the experience of the Japanese is too much and she manages to overturn the situation by scoring the 619 and then performing a flight from the rope, however, getting only a 2 count.

The WWE NXT parking lot proved to be the most dangerous place in sports entertainment once again. The Creed Brothers were attacked before their scheduled tag team championship match against Imperium on Roadblock.

NXT is preparing for big changes

The two tag teams kept the action ticking before Julius and Brutus arrived.

They attacked both teams and left them in a heap to end the segment. The creative team elevated the entire tag team division with just two segments. It looks like fans will get a triple threat match between Imperium, MSK, and The Creed Brothers at WWE NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver.

The fight continues outside the ring where Carter is thrown against the steel steps. When the action is back on the ropes we see poor Kacy being knocked down by a superkick from Kay Lee Ray who then switches her to Shirai who doesn't hesitate to hit the mark with her classic Moonsault.

Result: Io Shirai and Kay Lee Ray pinfall win. Tiffany Stratton had the early advantage and got the rear end on the ropes before Fallon Henley came back with some chops and a clothesline. Stratton caught Henley off a crossbody and hit a pop-up Samoan Drop.

Sarray came in from ringside while the referee was distracted and took out Stratton with a big kick. Henley capitalized on the distraction and hit a Shining Wizard for the win. The revamp plan was to change the brand overall.

Therefore, with everything changing, the decision-makers for the brand have changed as well. As of now, it’s been reported that once the revamp is complete, McMahon and Prichard will take over. Until now, Triple H and Shawn Michaels (not official) were the ones taking care of the storylines and the live show production.

The only issue the WWE Universe has with this is that they’ve already witnessed what Vince Mcmahon can do. In fact, several fans have said that they moved from watching Raw and SmackDown to NXT because it was different. Hence, no one actually wants Vince McMahon to take over the Gold and Black brand.