NXT: Dominik Mysterio appeared on NXT

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NXT: Dominik Mysterio appeared on NXT

Now it's time for an all-female match. SINGLES MATCH: Sarray vs Tiffany Stratton; The match does not even have time to start that Tiffany attacks her opponent already backstage. The referee, after making sure that Sarray is able to fight, officially starts the match which lasts a few seconds before Tiffany wins it.

Result: Tiffany Stratton pinfall victory. We are now witnessing a promo by Tommaso Ciampa intent on greeting the NXT Universe following his promotion to the main roster in RAW. Santos Escobar cut a promo backstage on WWE NXT, calling himself the greatest luchador.

Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio showed up, and the former told Escobar that his son would be the future of Lucha Libre. The interaction led to a match between Dominik and Raul Mendoza. It was good to see another member of Legado Del Fantasma compete in the ring on NXT.

Dominik Mysterio appeared on NXT

Fallon Henley, Josh Briggs, and Brooks Jensen evened the odds. This allowed Dominik Mysterio to hit a 619 and Frog Splash to pick up his first win on NXT. It was a star-making performance from Dominik.

The match was done well, and it looks like the younger Mysterio could benefit from moving to the brand for some time and competing against stars with various styles. To interrupt him comes Tony D'Angelo who rather than hitting from behind, decides to face him face to face by offering him a match at Stand and Deliver.

Tommaso accepts the offer shaking Tony's hand with this one, but he decides to hit him with a knee in the lower parts and then give him the infamous "kiss of death". Let's continue now with another women's match that sees two former teammates face off.

The match started with Sami Zayn ranting about his lack of opportunities as usual. Rey Mysterio held up most of the match as Corbin and Zayn tried to dominate. Dominik also came through later in the match as he showed some bouts of athleticism.

However, a little late in the match, he took a nasty bump on a table, following a suicide dive. There have been multiple reports that Dominik might turn heel on his legendary father as some of their visions don’t seem to match.

Dominik has been in the wrestling scene since a very early age. Being the son of a WWE legend, Dominik had all the access to the best training and facilities.

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