NXT: Tony D’Angelo returned

Tommaso Ciampa showed up on WWE NXT after taking the final pin on last week’s show

by Simone Brugnoli
NXT: Tony D’Angelo returned

Now it's time for the first match that sees a RAW athlete engaged. SINGLES MATCH: Dominik Mysterio vs Raul Mendoza; We are witnessing an interesting match with Dominik who manages to keep up with his much more experienced opponent.

Electra Lopez comes to Raul's rescue and interrupts an aerial maneuver by Dominik allowing Raul to regain control of the dispute. Tony D’Angelo interrupted the veteran and said that he respected The Blackheart. He agreed to fight Ciampa at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver before kneeing him between the legs.

He kissed the former NXT Champion on the cheek to bring the segment to an end.

Tony D’Angelo interrupted Tommaso Ciampa

The Blackheart has been the most unique character on the brand for some time now. He worked the crowd and came across as a big babyface.

Tony D’Angelo’s rivalry against Pete Dunne was good, and he could have a great match against Ciampa at Stand & Deliver. Electra is now joined by Fallon Henley accompanied by Briggs and Jensen. The three now have a hard-nosed confrontation with the Legado Del Fantasma.

Rey then takes the opportunity to hit Santos while Dominik takes advantage of Raul's distraction to score the 619. Result: victory by pinfall of Dominik Mysterio. So here we are at the grand finale with the match that sees the highest NXT laurel at stake.

A number of bouts were confirmed on Tuesday night. Mandy Rose will defend her NXT Women's Championship against Cora Jade, a Triple Threat Match for the NXT Tag Team Championship between The Creed Brothers, Imperium, and MSK will take place, Tommaso Ciampa will collide with Tony D'Angelo, plus a Ladder Match for the North American Championship is set.

Dave Meltzer mentioned that The Game is not in any conversation to continue leading the black and gold brand. He stated, “There are no plans right now, or even if Paul Levesque will return to running NXT or for him to do any creative in the company due to health issues.

Obviously, if his health improves and if he wants to, that could change, but the word is that it’s not anything people have been told is happening imminently.“ According to this report, Triple H’s involvement with his brainchild brand NXT looks doubtful; however, nothing is confirmed yet.

Furthermore, the company reported that Shawn Michaels’ job within NXT is pretty much safe as of the time of writing. On the other hand, the most important thing is that Triple H focuses on improving his health and returning to his duties, if possible.

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