NXT: Dolph Ziggler defended his title

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NXT: Dolph Ziggler defended his title

NXT TITLE MATCH: Dolph Ziggler (c) vs La Knight; It goes without saying that we are witnessing a very interesting match thanks to the technical skills of both contenders. Ziggler really tries them all to bring home the contest even going so far as to attempt the Fame Asser who is promptly dodged by Knight who in response scores a series of shots concluded by a body slam and an elbow smash.

Roode perceives his friend's moment of difficulty and decides to intervene saving him from the 3 count. Ziggler then has the opportunity to recover and after having avoided the Bottom Rung tries the Zig Zag which, however, fails.

LA then tries to throw an avalanche on Dolph who, however, dodges the attack causing him to crash into the post and then score the superkick. Result: Dolph Ziggler's pinfall victory confirms NXT Champion. The Miz hosted an episode of Miz TV on WWE NXT with special guest Dolph Ziggler.

The new NXT Champion arrived with Robert Roode by his side. It was revealed that Bron Breakker was sent home to avoid any confrontations.

LA Knight showed up to challenge Dolph Ziggler

The match got going at the end of the show, and Dolph Ziggler worked over his opponent’s injured ribs.

The Million Dollar Superstar continued to sell his rib injury during the contest after losing to Grayson Waller in a Street Fight last week. He went for the BFT late in the contest, but The Show-Off countered it. He sent Knight into the turnbuckles and finished him off with a Superkick to retain the title.

Post-match the champion is joined by Bron Breakker who without too many words launches the challenge for Stand and Deliver. Dolph does not hold back and accepts the challenge launched by the former NXT Champion. Stand & Deliver is shaping up to be the perfect entrée before the main course of Wrestlemania is served later that night on April 2.

We also learned that Dolph Ziggler will defend the NXT Championship against Bron Breakker, who appeared following The Show Off's victory against LA Knight in the main event. Well, we have seen many former WWE superstars who have failed to make it big in WWE but had success elsewhere.

With the rise of AEW, many superstars have already made the move to AEW to show their full potential. Ziggler can be considered as one of those superstars who certainly needs a push in his career now.

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