NXT: Dexter Lumis faced Tony D’Angelo

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NXT: Dexter Lumis faced Tony D’Angelo

SINGLES MATCH: Dexter Lumis vs Tony D'Angelo; We are witnessing a very physical match with Dexter who, as usual, tries to move him on a psychological level. This seems to work as Lumis manages to control a good match wall under the watchful eyes of Indi Hartwell.

After the sequence running clothesline into running bulldog followed by a backdrop into standing leg drop, Dexter tries the pin but does not go beyond the count of 2. The two continue to give them to each other even coming to knock down each other with a double clothesline.

Duke Hudson then decides to distract both the referee and Dexter so as to allow Tony to take his crowbar which is stolen by Indi who in turn is stolen by Persia. Tony then starts a push and pull with Persia who at one point lets go, causing Tony to hit Dexter in the face with the backlash without the referee noticing.

Tony then takes the opportunity to score his swinning neckbreaker.

Dexter Lumis challenged Tony D’Angelo

WWE NXT mixed things up this week as Dexter Lumis faced Tony D’Angelo in a one-on-one match. Lumis controlled the match early and intimidated his larger opponent.

D’Angelo took back control of the contest by luring Lumis out of the ring. He threw The Tortured Artist into the steel steps. Duke Hudson distracted Lumis to give D’Angelo a chance to halt his comeback. Result: Tony D'Angelo's pinfall victory.

Post-match Tony decides to remember what happened last week with the attack perpetrated on Tommaso Ciampa who decides to appear in the ring attacking him from behind and knocking him down with the Fairy Tale Ending. He now touches the feminine side of the Legado Del Fantasma.

SINGLES MATCH: Elektra Lopez vs Fallon Henley; The match doesn't have much to tell and sees Elektra dominate far and wide thanks to her physical superiority. Fallon tries to fight back but her opponent has no intention of letting go.

Lopez attempts to pull off a strange submission maneuver from which Fallon tries to get rid of her by turning it into a pinch attempt. Outside the ring then a fight begins between Briggs & Jensen and the Legado Del Fantasma.

Between the ropes, the two continue to give it to each other with Fallon who also comes close to victory after a running bulldog. Elektra then responds with a sit-down slam which is followed by the final pin. Result: Elektra Lopez pinned victory.