NXT: Bron Breakker defeated a huge superstar

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NXT: Bron Breakker defeated a huge superstar

The next match sees the leader of the IMPERIUM engaged. SINGLES MATCH: Gunther vs Duke Hudson; We are offered a highly physical match thanks also to the size of the two athletes which is decidedly remarkable. Gunther, however, seems to have that little bit more that allows him to do what he wants with Hudson who then tries to start a chop war which obviously turns out to be a huge mistake.

We remember in fact the devastating chop that the good Gunther trims. Hudson, however, manages to keep up with the was WALTER even coming close to the pin before being devastated with a chop and then finally being knocked down with a powerbomb.

Bron Breakker got some big hits in early in the match before hitting a big spear. Bron was setting up for a move in the corner but Dolph Ziggler got on the apron and dragged Roode out of the way. The ref saw the interference and sent Ziggler backstage.

Bron Breakker has defeated a former NXT Champion

Former NXT Champion Bron Breakker faced Robert Roode to warm up before his big match against Dolph Ziggler. A couple of NXT North American Championship match qualifiers were also booked for the show.

Roode got a clothesline in and mocked the Steiners before getting a neckbreaker on the former NXT Champion. Bron Breakker hit a Frankensteiner from the ropes before Roode fought back with a spinebuster. Bron blocked the Glorious DDT and hit another spear for a near fall.

Result: Gunther's pinfall victory. Post-match we are offered a promo held by the Ring General that reminds us how he is the most dominant athlete of NXT and who is tired of seeing people passing in front of him take the place that would belong to him such as La Knight who without too many laps of words shows up directly in the ring.

After reminding him that Stand and Deliver is around the corner, Knight sets off on the attack, thus starting a fight with the IMPERIUM. The MSKs arrive at Knight's rescue and manage to make a clean sweep by chasing the whole IMPERIUM out of the ring.

Dolph got into the commentary booth and referred to Robert Roode's TNA tag team Beer Money Incorporated, in which he was partnered with James Storm. Ziggler also tried to get involved in the match but was ejected from the ringside area for his troubles, despite his loud protests.

However, he re-emerged at the conclusion of the contest, hitting Breakker with a surprise superkick and talking trash as the latter lay there prone.

Nxt Bron Breakker Sting