NXT: Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen scored a big win

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NXT: Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen scored a big win

Let's continue now with another multi-man match. TAG MATCH: Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen vs Legado Del Fantasma; We are offered an interesting match with both teams showing their alchemy. Briggs and Jensen, however, also have physicality on their side which apparently makes the difference so much that the two come one step away from victory.

The Legado managed to regain control of the match thanks to a couple of combined maneuvers before being distracted by the ringside brawl between Fallon Henley and Elektra Lopez. Briggs and Jensen then take advantage of this to quickly conclude the match with their final maneuver.

Legado del Fantasma’s Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde came out with Elektra Lopez for their match on WWE NXT. In a tag team match, the heels took on Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen.

Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen won

Brooks Jensen had control early in the match against Joaquin Wilde in the ring.

Tags were made and Josh Briggs locked in a bearhug on Raul Mendoza before tagging Jensen back in. Mendoza sent Jensen outside and tagged in Wilde, who hit a plank elbow drop on the outside. Lopez tried to get involved in the contest, and Fallon Henley took her out.

Meanwhile, Josh Briggs pulled off an incredible spot by catching Wilde with a chokeslam during a 450 splash attempt. Result: Briggs and Jensen pinned to victory. We are now offered a promo of the Toxic Attraction which are keen to specify that they will come out of Stand and Deliver with all the belts.

To interrupt them, therefore, Dakota Kai, who apparently had been hired together with Wendy Choo by Toxic with the intention of winning the Dusty Classic. The British bruiser suffered a separated shoulder after taking a suplex from Karrion Kross.

Regal booked Kross and NXT Champion Finn Balor to face the NXT Tag Team Champions, but their teamwork spared no fruit after Balor drop-kicked Oney Lorcan into Scarlett. An incensed Kross destroyed Balor, leaving him prone to a pinfall from Lorcan.

The news broke out on NXT’s Injury Report special on YouTube. The tag champs attempted a double suplex on the massive Kross, but he countered it into a double suplex of his own. While Lorcan landed on his back, Burch landed on his shoulder, which led to the gruesome injury.

No one assumed the severity of the injury would lead to the NXT Tag Titles being vacated, but it is the correct option. With NXT Takeover: Stand and Deliver, NXT can crown brand new Tag Team Champions. MSK won the Dusty Rhodes Classic back in February and hasn’t received their title shot yet.