NXT: Dakota Kai overcomes her fears

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NXT: Dakota Kai overcomes her fears

Let's now pass to the match involving the guru of NXT 2.0. SINGLES MATCH: Joe Gacy vs Draco Anthony; We witness a pleasant match with Draco who tries in every way to repel Gacy's attacks. In fact, as soon as Gacy presses on the accelerator, the situation becomes difficult to manage for Draco who, however, does not give up, even attempting to pinch.

The result of the match, however, is written and sees Gacy take home the victory. Result: Joe Gacy's pinfall win. Dakota Kai looked for Wendy Choo everywhere on WWE NXT but could not find her. Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin, and Jacy Jayne came out to the ring to reveal that Toxic Attraction attacked Choo.

Dakota Kai looked for Wendy Choo everywhere

The two women showed mutual respect before holding up the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships to make their intentions clear. It was great to see the two superstars back together.

Gonzalez & Dakota Kai will be great opponents for Dolin & Jayne at TakeOver. They could easily defeat the two women to win the titles back for a proper reign. Now it's time for a women's match again. SINGLES MATCH: Nikkita Lyons vs Sloane Jacobs; Another match that has nothing to tell and sees Lyons take home the victory without any kind of problem.

Result: Nikkita Lyons pinfall victory. So here we are at the last match of the evening which sees the last place at stake in the Stand and Deliver match valid for the North American Championship. Toxic Attraction were out next on NXT and Mandy Rose said that she wasn't scared but her face said otherwise.

Rose added that she will become the greatest NXT Women's Champion by beating Shirai, KLR, and Jade. The former Divas Champion similarly changed her original channel name to her real name, “Saraya”. She continues to post updates on her original Twitter account with this ‘hack.’ Last week, the wrestling giants initiated the ban on accounts.

Before suspending their accounts, several Superstars posted their responses. Although many were hopeful that the ban is temporary, others were unsure about the future. Dakota Kai posted how she put up Twitch due to her love for gaming and her fans.

Rose then talked about Choo and Kai who failed them by losing to Shirai and Kay Lee Ray. They brought out some of Wendy Choo's stuff like her drink cup and tossed them out in the ring, revealing that they indeed attack her earlier.